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Rubber Roller for Leather Industries
We are India's top manufacturer of leather-specific rubber rollers made from elastic materials. Our rollers have excellent ink-retention capabilities and can withstand leather manufacturing's worst conditions. In addition, they withstand corrosion, scratching and wear.

We make industrial rubber rollers and specialize in high-end rollers for finished leather and rawhide companies. Our skilled team can help customers choose a design based on processed leather. As a result, several leather manufacturers in India trust our rubber. Besides, our customer-oriented approach and quick delivery have won us many accolades.

Our Specialty

We are a top provider. To increase profits, we provide affordable rollers that are long-lasting and durable. Our rollers have enhanced friction, decreased stress on the auxiliary machine, low noise, extended usable life, and excellent strength.


Our great lab and trained personnel contribute to client requirements, product development, and creative upgrades. We solve the material or process challenges of the customers. We are open to fresh ideas and thoughts. As a top development and test service provider, we can help with the development chores of our customers. Our testing offices encompass elastomers and plastics, from simple to complex tests.


The vast range of online measure control products and meeting global standards have attracted business worldwide and prompted us to focus on export.

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