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Rubber Roller for Paper Industries
We have a team of experienced individuals. Our Papers products are created to global standards and tested to assure quality. Our new technologies can produce low-cost and high-quality paper.


Our rollers are produced from high-grade material and meet worldwide quality standards. Due to their high performance and quality, these rollers are a crucial part of internet processing equipment.

Paper companies use enormous rolls of paper continually. Paper cannot survive without rollers. There is no change and break after that. So we created and built these sturdy and high-quality rollers for the paper sector. The paper industry produces wall-covering paper, laminate flooring, etc.

Our Specialty 

We specialize in producing rollers for finished Papers and rawhide Industries. We offer rollers according to client demands. Our rollers are used to print or make industrial rolls. 


Our rollers are exported to many nations such as Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh, Vietnam, South Africa, etc.

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