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Rubber Rollers
In spite that among the major and the most punctual clients of our rubber rollers have been the printing and the distributing business, these are additionally viably utilized in the materials, film, sheet, and looped metal ventures.

Air Shafts
Air Shafts help in tightening the core or roll on the filling air. These shafts are tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and excellent working. They are very easy to install as well as simple to operate. They may also be used in cantilevered and dual support applications.
PU Roller
Regardless for the procedures of dehusking in the horticultural part or for sanding and crushing in the wood, aluminum and steel enterprises; our PU rollers range makes undertakings less difficult all over the place. 
Embossing Roller
Embossing Rollers are ideal to create different attractive patterns and designs with high-end finishing on a range of materials from paper, leather, plastic, glass and other materials.
PTFE Coated Roller
PTFE Coated Roller is known for its trouble-free long service life and dimensional accuracy. This roller is very economical in nature. This roller provides for solutions to engineering applications and is available in different sizes. This is known for wear resistance, low friction and chemical resistance.
Air Expanding Shaft
The provided air expanding shaft has numerous bladders, mounted with ball bolt for reel holding. Programmed pressure controlling is provided through rotating association in unique state. 
Hard Chrome Plated Roller
These cost-effective, abrasion resistant and durable Hard Chrome Plated Rollers can be easily installed in coating, lamination, surface removing and other machines. They ensure to prevent rusting and corrosion caused due to chemicals to provide the best results.
Steel Rollers
Sturdy, durable and efficient Steel Rollers are provided with sealed bearing option to meet the needs of wash-down areas. They are designed using high-grade stainless steel tube and spindle in different sizes.

Banana Roller
These hard-wearing Banana Rollers are perfectly designed to remove wrinkles in a wide range of applications. They are provided with mounting brackets so that they can be easily mounted on wall or foot.
Core Holding Devices
Our core holding devices enable Decrease in process duration each part can be accomplished by displaying numerous parts at an opportunity to the device along these lines expanding throughput.
Air Chuck
The provided air chucks are accessible in various sizes, as a major aspect of the standard assembling program. This range is the most prevalent in our assembling program.

Differential Shafts
For uniform and efficient simplex and duplex winding, these Differential Shafts are the best choice! They eliminate dust in the process; ensure consistent tension control and no slipping between the chuck and core.
Nip Rollers
Nip Rollers are widely used for pressing the two or more sheets together for forming a laminated product. They are mostly used for printing and slitting machines. They are very effective and economical to use. These rollers are known for extraordinary construction, superior performance, and reliable operations.
Anilox Roller
Anilox Roller requires low maintenance and replacement costs. This roller is easy to install and very simple to operate. This enables you to achieve visibly improved processing quality. This roller ensures the smooth installation and removal of anilox sleeves on your part. This is very easy and safe to use. 
Lock Shafts
These Lock Shafts ensure uniform pressure distribution to optimize productivity and reduce fabrication costs in different businesses. Zero backlash shaft-to-hub links are guaranteed without any operational drawbacks of splines.

Aluminium Guide Rollers
Aluminium Guide Rollers come in different length and diameter, as per the requirements of the customer. They are highly acclaimed for their excellent designing. They are tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality. These rollers require very low maintenance and replacement costs. 
Lamination Rubber Roller
Lamination Rubber Rollers are used in plastic, leather, paper and packaging industries. Designed using the best quality polymers and raw materials, they possess exceptional chemical resistant and non-deforming features.
Silicone Rubber Roller
These heavy-duty Silicone Rubber Rollers are used in the manufacturing sector of bottle, bucket, audio, radio products, etc. They are perfect for enhancing the efficacy and life of heat transferring, hot stamping and edge banding machines.
Rubber Sleeves
Rubber Sleeves widely used for covering the joints, insulation different mechanical parts, electrical applications and so on. They are very easy to install and simple to use. They are widely appreciated among our clients because of high tensile strength and excellent tear strength. They are very effective to use. 
Industrial Rollers
Industrial Rollers are widely used for pressing the papers for proper lamination. These rollers are tested under various parameters to ensure its excellent working and effectiveness. They have easy installation, low maintenance and simple operation. They are very effective and economical to use and handle. 
Industrial Shafts
Industrial Shafts are easily available as precision shafts and ultra-precision shafts. They are available as well as cut to length sizes. They are highly appreciated by our customers in the market. They are known for its corrosion resistance finish and precise dimension. These products are very safe to use. 

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