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Rubber Roller for Plastic Industries

Our Rubber Rollers are heat safe, ink-resistant, exact and well-finished. They are made of wear-resistant rubber. Our rollers offer durable performance. These corrosion-resistant rollers are inexpensive and come in many sizes and specs at low costs. We make rubber rollers for steel, textiles, paper, and plastic printing. Our Silicone rollers reduce friction, wear, and abrasion to improve releases. Tanneries, etc.


  • Cost-effective 
  • High-Quality 
  • Recital

Our Specialty 

We specialize in producing high-quality rollers for the plastic and rawhide industries. We offer rollers according to client demands. Our rollers are used to print or manufacture industrial rolls. Durability, output and efficiency set us apart in industrial rollers. 

Product Quality

We provide durable rubber products for our clients, who can pick from several designs to meet their needs. We recognize how crucial it is to develop trust and love working with our clients. We promise top-notch outcomes.


Our rollers are exported to many nations and sectors, such as Turkey, Nigeria, Iran, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, South Africa, Ghana, Vietnam, etc.

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