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Rubber Roller for Textile Industries
Textile industry components include research, development, design, distribution, and production. Before the industrial period, individuals made their textiles and garments. Then, with growing customer demand, mass manufacturing began.

India produces the second-most textiles worldwide. The Indian textile sector is export-oriented and employs 50+ million people or 6% of the manufacturing workforce. In addition, the textile industry has spawned a substantial informal sector, which employs 77% of material-related employees.


Due to its particular properties, our rubber roller is employed in the textile sector. These rollers incall and call, creep and wrinkle, pre-heat and dry, and process hot steam and air. Our rollers can handle delicate textiles without hurting them by applying uniform pressure/unit surface area as they travel through the machine.


Our rubber roller is used in numerous packaging industries. We send excellent rubber rollers on schedule. Our rollers made by us meet international quality requirements and are affordable. Before being provided to clients, quality is tested by the quality control unit. As a result, our roller is popular in local and worldwide packaging sectors.

Our Specialty 

Since 1978, we have supplied excellent rollers for industrial needs. In addition, our Rollers have been tested in many industrial machines to assure client satisfaction. 


Our rollers are exported to many nations, including Pakistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Iran, Ghana, South Africa, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc.

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